Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mass Effect Armor Build

I've always wanted to do cool projects and be creative but it's always a matter of starting and then finding the time and gumption to follow up. By documenting this, I'm hoping that it'll give me motivation!

I've decided to create a costume based on the N7 armor from Mass Effect. The reason: Going to Gencon later this year.

Everyone has to start somewhere right? Nothing like jumping in the deep end!

I'm actually semi-cheating and using another blog for reference. That's here if you're interested: This guy (with a degree in special effects), actually created 2 version of the armor, a male and a female version. I'm just sticking with the male version.

From the other blog, the process doesn't actually look too bad. Anyway, the first thing I have to do is get some templates. My wife had the great idea of using the projector at work to project the armor over a silhouette of me. That'd give me a perfect fit of the armor in theory! I have a large roll of brown packaging paper that I'll use for design.

Unfortunately, I don't have any picks of that, although I'm going to have to do that again for the back later on once I've made a bit more progress so hopefully I'll get some then.

After that, I took the brown paper down and went over all the lines using a ruler and sharpie in order to trace through onto white paper. Well that didn't work as my white paper was too thick. So then I went old school and used a technique I learnt in primary school, using pencil and then scrubbing on the reverse side to get a pencil impression! Worked like a charm, thanks Mrs Stocks!

And here's the final template for the front of the armor. It might change a little once it's cut out in the actual material which I'll talk about in my next post.

Painting space ships

OK, way back when, I used to paint miniatures from games workshop. And recently I purchased a copy of Battlestar Galactica the board game that happened to come with a load of plastic spaceships (Vipers, Raptors etc). Foolishly, I decided to paint them!

Without any supplies, I stopped by my local "knowledgeable" hobby shop and bought some paints. Gave the ships a black undercoat and let them dry.

Well the first problem was that the paints were not water based. Without any sort of turpentine, my brushes are quickly buggering up. Second problem was that the paints don't seem to dry nicely. They end up sticky! So much for the excellent advice I received at the Hobby shop (names withheld to protect the guilty).

So then I drybrushed (little technique I learnt in my Warhammer days) a gun metal silver over the top of the black undercoat which ended up with this effect. Not too bad, but still a bit sticky.
Click for a bigger picture.

Not sure where to go from here. I did send the crappy paints back. I'll wait to buy some more until I go to the gaming shop next time to buy something that I actually know how to use properly.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Intro Post!


Just wanted to show off some of my projects for the lose... I mean win.
This'll just be highlighting some of the craft/workshop projects I'll be working on for anyone interested.

I'm very much a beginner in almost everything related to home and craft projects. But that's OK. With internet resources, previous examples, a knowledgeable father-in-law and a load of trial and error, I'll document anything I'm working on.

First projects coming up...