Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mass Effect Armor Build

I've always wanted to do cool projects and be creative but it's always a matter of starting and then finding the time and gumption to follow up. By documenting this, I'm hoping that it'll give me motivation!

I've decided to create a costume based on the N7 armor from Mass Effect. The reason: Going to Gencon later this year.

Everyone has to start somewhere right? Nothing like jumping in the deep end!

I'm actually semi-cheating and using another blog for reference. That's here if you're interested: This guy (with a degree in special effects), actually created 2 version of the armor, a male and a female version. I'm just sticking with the male version.

From the other blog, the process doesn't actually look too bad. Anyway, the first thing I have to do is get some templates. My wife had the great idea of using the projector at work to project the armor over a silhouette of me. That'd give me a perfect fit of the armor in theory! I have a large roll of brown packaging paper that I'll use for design.

Unfortunately, I don't have any picks of that, although I'm going to have to do that again for the back later on once I've made a bit more progress so hopefully I'll get some then.

After that, I took the brown paper down and went over all the lines using a ruler and sharpie in order to trace through onto white paper. Well that didn't work as my white paper was too thick. So then I went old school and used a technique I learnt in primary school, using pencil and then scrubbing on the reverse side to get a pencil impression! Worked like a charm, thanks Mrs Stocks!

And here's the final template for the front of the armor. It might change a little once it's cut out in the actual material which I'll talk about in my next post.

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